Welcome to Raptor Legal, PLC

At several points in every person’s life, he or she will need legal advice or services. These situations fall across a broad spectrum of causes and severity. Some of these moments include losing a loved one and dealing with their estate; planning for the end of your own life and how those you leave behind will have to deal with your affairs; dealing with the aftermath of a car wreck; changing your name; collecting a debt owed to you; planning or developing a new business; forming a legal entity and setting it up appropriately; selling or closing a business or legal entity; developing contracts for your business; dealing with a dispute with a supplier or customer; being accused of or charged with a crime; dealing with your child having been accused of a crime; dealing with a landlord or tenant issue; dealing with a boundary or access dispute with a neighbor; or buying or selling property or an interest therein. All of these are common situations. Also, there are innumerable other situations in which a person may need legal help. And, if you’re like most people, you probably don’t have a lawyer or law firm on retainer.

We at Raptor Legal, PLC, have more than a decade of experience assisting clients with a broad range of legal matters. Our vision is of a legal services business that creates value for society by creating value for individuals; effectively, efficiently, reliably, and consistently. We execute on this vision by iteratively and innovatively re-inventing our self in response to the needs and desires of the people and communities we serve.

Generally, we focus on the following areas: 1) business; 2) general civil; 3) estate planning and probate; 4) real estate; and, 5) criminal law. We practice in Oklahoma state, municipal, and federal courts, as well as the tribal courts of the Cherokee Nation and other federally-recognized tribes. If you have a question or issue in these areas, then let’s talk about how we can help to create value for you in your life. If your need falls outside of these areas, then we would be happy to try to point you toward another legal services provider who can help. The law and legal system are complex, complicated, and can be overwhelming even to the initiated. In any unfamiliar situation, it helps to have a guide. When you need help, we are here to help you navigate the law.